Biomass Conversion Technology

Biomass Conversion Technology

EnFloTech successfully converted the Babcock 10E10 mills from operating on coal to biomass white pellets at Drax Power Station situated in the UK.

The EnFloTech Biomass Conversion Technology is an easy to maintain technology which ensures that optimal mill performance is obtained.

Desired mill performance which includes record throughputs, stable boiler firing, eliminated mill blockages, eliminated material settling in PF pipes, equal distribution to PF pipes, eliminated biomass flake suspension and eliminated biomass pellet rejecting is achieved.

With EnFloTech’s vast knowledge on mills we supply unique and efficient solutions to unique problems such as converting from coal to biomass. We are proud to be part of the reduced CO2 emissions goals of the UK.


A South African based company with 20 years’ experience in the Power industry primarily on coal fired Power Plants and more recently Biomass firing.

Star CCM+

EnFloTech uses Star CCM+ Computational Fluid Dynamics Software exclusively for all CFD modelling and has an extensive database of empirical mil operating data for model calibration and practical evaluation.

Babcock e-Type Mill

The Drax UK 10E mill has been successfully converted using patented Rotating Throat technology and sophisticated CFD modelling. The Static Classifier has been completely modified to reduce recirculation and pressure drop build up and to match the Rotating throat flow characteristics. The requirement fort particle size and required throughput was achieved.