About EnFloTech
Energy Flow Technologies

About EnFloTech

We specialise in Energy Flow Technologies: in particular performance upgrades to meet the increasing demands of the global power generation industry.

Energy Flow Technologies specialists; EnFloTech work internationally with partners involved in Biomass Conversions, NOx reduction and Sand removal from the milling process. We provide a comprehensive service for major milling plant modifications, including investigations, feasibility studies, design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning.

Our association with various International equipment and component suppliers means we can offer the most cost-effective Energy Flow Technologies solutions for plant upgrades and performance improvements. We also supply engineered spare parts for our own and existing items of plant, using the latest 3D designs and drawing software, coupled with our materials and manufacturing knowledge and in house manufacturing facilities.

Our Culture

EnFloTech’s business is continuous improvement of the design, manufacture and servicing of performance modifications and upgrades for coal milling plant.

Our focus is on Customer service and support and we take pride in our Experience, Expertise, and Innovative approach. Our Experience is derived from the senior members of the Company all being specialists in the coal milling field. We have experience in design, engineering, maintenance, operating and commissioning, and can call on many years’ experience working in the field we now service.

Our Expertise is derived from our detailed knowledge of our products and services, as well as our alliances with suppliers of coal milling equipment from all over the world. We offer a comprehensive service covering coal feeders, classifiers, rotating throats, loading systems, pulverised fuel pipework and various mill auxiliaries.

Our Innovative approach has resulted in significant improvements in mill performance through the installation of our range of products. Our appreciation of the complete milling system allows us to identify and understand problems and apply the most appropriate technology. Our products and services have resulted in significant cost savings and performance improvements on various types of mill.


EnFloTech previously known as Coal Milling Projects (CMP) was formed in 1997 by Andrew Robinson, Dave Mckay and Kotie Steyn to provide specialist products and services in the field of coal milling and related technologies.

EnFloTech is the Southern African agent for Merrick Industries, an American based manufacturer of gravimetric raw coal belt feeders and associated equipment.

In 2004, EnFloTech was awarded the first of several major contracts involving the modification and refurbishment of coal mills at a power station being returned to service after more than 15 years in storage. These major contracts triggered a period of rapid growth for EnFloTech. The Company now has Site Offices at several power stations in addition to our Head Office in Duncanville, Vereeniging. EnFloTech has the infrastructure and technology to undertake major projects in the coal milling field, from a complete design and fabrication service through to installation, commissioning and service back-up. Recently the Company was changed from Coal Milling Projects (CMP) to Energy Flow Technologies (EnFloTech) as this is more reflective of the current focus and future of the company.

EnFloTech deals in technologies relating to energy generation and any form of generation. While Coal Fired energy will always be our mainstay, we have branched into renewable energies by way of Biomass and Biogas.


In 2007 EnFloTech were requested by Eskom and developed a training course in mills called “Selection, Maintenance, Operation and Performance” which was accredited by the South African Maintenance Association.

The continuous development of our employees has always been a focus point in EnFloTech. Numerous employees have completed courses such as project management, safety management, quality assurance and technical diplomas ensuring our capability to meet the countries high energy demands.

The development of young highly skilled employees has been initiated by the internship of numerous Trainees in Energy Flow Technologies. A number have qualified and climbed the ranks in the organisation.

Heavy Engineering Machine Shop

Lutinsi Engineering is a heavy engineering workshop capable of an array of heavy engineering specialities.

The specific focus of the works is the manufacturing refurbishment and repairs of Mill Roller and Trunnion Assemblies. The specialised nature of these precision components requires specialist tooling, skills and ideal conditions for assembly which have been combined.

EnFloTech Certifications

The following downloads are available:

B-BBEE Certificate ISO 9001 Certificate ISO3834 Part2 Certificate